Dofus Touch Tips & Tricks: Where To Buy Cheap Kamas

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Dofus Touch
Dofus Touch is a free strategy game which is produced by Ankama Games for iOS and Android. MMORPG's are games that can be played by a large number of players over a virtual medium like the Internet. It also includes role playing scenes, where the player has to take up a character, and do some tasks as to fulfill the role of the character in the game storyline. Just like most other MMORPG games, Dofus Touch is also a free to play online strategy game that can be played in any smartphone which has iOS or Android operating system.
Dofus Touch Gameplay
Players will come across ferocious characters, players and also bosses while you search for the legendary dragon eggs. While you can form a team every time you play, the leader of your team can be cruel and vicious. So, it can be your players can also be aggressive and brutal. Dofus Touch is so much more exciting for these characters you play with. It is like the real-world simulation. The setting of the game is The World of Twelve, which is named after the 12 gods that resides on it. The character that a player controls in third-person view in this game is a 2D avatar. Players can choose from 12 character classes in this game. Although the game happens in real time, the combat system is somewhat on a turn-system where players take turns in doing attacks within a time period. Players can also choose from three professions: collecting, crafting and Magus.
Dofus Touch Kamas
Dofus Touch Kamas is the currency of the free MMORPG, Dofus Touch. Dofus Touch Kamas is earned in game by defeating monsters, selling items and completing quests. There are professions that you can take up and make money by creating contribution to the community. Dofus Touch Kamas is used to make transaction for items, gears, pets and mounts. It behaves much like real currency that it is subjected to inflation and market conditions so the value of Kamas can vary between different game servers.
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